Donor Advised Fund (DAF):

CLC has established a Single Charity Donor Advised Fund (DAF) with NCF. A DAF is a charitable giving vehicle administered by a third party and created for the purpose of managing charitable donations on behalf of an organization like CLC. A DAF is a low cost, flexible vehicle for charitable giving used as an alternative to direct giving or creating a private foundation.
Since NCF’s inception in 1982, this network has received more than $5.5 billion in contributions and has granted more than $3.7 billion to over 15,000 churches and ministries. NCF is a member of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA), and has been given a four star evaluation, which is the highest rating available, by Charity Navigator, America’s premier charity evaluator. 

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If you would like further information contact Hank Miles, Treasurer, at 615-370-5020.

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