Loan Notes:

People don’t always think of money owed to them in the form of loan notes as financial assets. But of course they are, and they can be given to charity. The National Christian Foundation (NCF) with which CLC is affiliated has extensive experience receiving and managing various types of corporate obligations. They manage the repayment of the loan and place the net collected principal and interest into CLC’s Legacy Single Charity Donor Advised Fund. 

If you and your financial advisor decide to gift a loan note the following documentation will need to be submitted: 

• Copy of the note 

• Information regarding the collateral held as security for the note 

• Information regarding the guarantor of the note 

• Current valuation 

• Current amortization schedule 

• Giving Fund Agreement 

• Liquidation/marketing plan information 


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If you would like further information contact Hank Miles, Treasurer, at 615-370-5020.

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