Non-Liquid Assets:

Through our affiliation with The National Christian Foundation (NCF) CLC is able to receive as gifts non-liquid assets. NCF is a recognized leader in receiving and managing non-liquid assets such as real estate, business interests, restricted securities and personal property. NCF handles the administrative burden by selling the asset for you and then placing the proceeds into CLC’s Legacy Single Charity Donor Advised Fund. 

Why should you donate non-liquid assets to CLC: 

• You receive a greater tax deduction, generally for fair market value. 

• You avoid capital gains taxes on the sale of the asset and lessen your estate tax liability 

• The administrative burden is handled for you 

• Because of your deduction, ultimately more money goes toward ministry, rather than to the federal government 

• For the above reasons you should give first instead of selling your asset and then giving 

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If you would like further information contact Hank Miles, Treasurer, at 615-370-5020.

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