About CLC:

Training Christian Leaders

Equipping men to be leaders in order to make an impact for God in their home, church, work and community.

CLC Overview


Group Structure

CLC (Christian Leadership Concepts) equips men to be spiritual leaders in their home, church, work and community.


CLC is a men’s organization that is committed to training Christian leaders. Responsibilities at home, in business, in church, or in the community require men to be leaders, and CLC is dedicated to equipping men to provide that kind of direction, based on a growing relationship with Jesus Christ and sound Biblical principles.

CLC was founded in 1982 by Dr. Hal Hadden. Hal was convinced of two things concerning Christian men:

1) Men want to be equipped to lead in order to make an impact for God.

2) Men want to develop some close relationships with other men that go far deeper than most of their day to day acquaintances.

Considering these needs CLC has put together a two-year program that challenges men to grow in their faith and experience the journey of standing together with other men as they learn to lead together.

The process for CLC follows a model provided by Jesus Christ Himself. He chose a few men and invested His life in them over an extended period of time. A CLC group begins when 10 to 12 men, two of whom are co-facilitators for the group, agree to meet and work together on a curriculum that brings their attention to the areas of life where they need to be challenged and motivated.

Groups meet on a weekly basis. The meetings are a combination of curriculum review and relationship building. Members are given opportunities to move beyond their comfort zone, spend time studying God's Word, share together in prayer, discuss tough issues, and be challenged and encouraged to develop lasting friendships.

The possibilities for impacting a family, a business, a church and a city are exciting, when men who have been equipped for leadership are charged and sent out with a sense of purpose and passion.

If you are interested in learning more about how CLC might fit into your life, your church or community, contact Hal Hadden or Craig Fry at 615.370.5020.

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