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With a heart for their city, CLC City Champions encourage...


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 In many of the cities where CLC has a presence, there have emerged one or more men who have been so impacted by CLC that they have felt drawn to keep the ministry alive and growing. CLC likes to refer to these men as City Champions.

With a heart for their city, CLC City Champions encourage and enlist group members, coach co-facilitators, connect with churches, and provide oversight for CLC opportunities. 


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Rick Banks   Easley
Russ Barlow   Burlington
 Jody Bowser   Moses Lake
 Scott Caldwell   Johnson City
 Jay Crouse   Sarasota
 Steve Druelinger    Germantown
 Tim Ernst    Delta
 Bill Fluke    Orlando
 Leigh Gerstenberger    Macedonia
 Jeff Gunther    Vancouver
 Dave Hofmann    Durham
 Bob Jamison    Pittsburgh
 Mark Jenkins    Rossville
 Brandon Jolly    Starkville
 Leonard Kelly    Pensacola
 Scott Marshall    Flowood
 Rob Mickler    Jacksonville
 Michael Neal    Tallahassee
 Steve Neubauer    Rogers
 Steve Rudd    Nashville
 Rich Scott    Langley
 Shane Scott    New Albany
 David Seay    Celina
 Jason Shepler    Jacksonville
 John Speropulos    Johnson City
 Charlie Stakely    Evans (Augusta)
 David Sweeny    Greenville
 Ed Sweeny    Greenville
 Curt Tillotson    Sartell
 Garth Warren    Gurnee
 David Webb    Maitland
 Steve Wilson    Bradenton