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My name is T.M. and this is “My CLC Experience”

I had been considering for years how I could develop a deeper relationship with God. Then i was invited by a friend to join a CLC group. I knew this was a calling to which I needed to respond. This group of CLC brothers has helped me grow in faith and has provided a place where I can share in studying the Word and applying it to how I live out life in my home, workplace and community. God, working through this group of men, has taught me to surrender to the Lord, let him live through me and let him take on my burdens. I will always be a work in progress on this earth, but I have faith that God will continue to mold me as I open my heart to his Spirit. I think CLC has been God's way to allow me to surrender to him and grow in the Christian faith. Each week, we share our trials and tribulations together, and the love and support we get through the men in our group is a true sign of the Holy Spirit at work.

My name is S.S. and this is “My CLC Experience”

God has used CLC as a transformative tool in my life. I have gone from an outsider with an undefined longing in my heart to part of a strong Christian community with a longing for Christ. Without the guidance and friendship of the men in my group, and I would not have explored my faith or opened my heart to God. As a business owner, a father and a husband, I make difficult decisions every day. My decision to join a group is the single most important decision I have ever made. It was the decision to be a better business owner, father and husband by turning my eyes upward instead of inward. The difference, while indescribable, is not unique. You can see it in every man in the group who has given their life to God. As we learn, study, struggle and persevere, we grow and bear fruit. You cannot read about. You cannot hear about. You can only experience it. I’m glad I have.

My name is D.H. and this is “My CLC Experience”

CLC has been the most impactful men’s ministry experience in my life since I was saved 17 years ago. Never before have I drawn closer to Jesus, invested in the lives of other men, or been educated with a Christian worldview like my two years with my CLC brothers. CLC advocates their mission to “equip men to be leaders in order to make an impact for God in their home, church, work and community,” and doing so as a CLC graduate, I now bring a depth of relationships, experience and knowledge as a leader that I lacked before joining CLC. The bonds I have formed with my brothers have resulted in what I expect to be life long commitments to be available in times of joy and in times of need.

My name is K.K. and this is “My CLC Experience”

Ten years ago my friend asked me to join a CLC group. As the father of four active kids and the owner of a small business, there was seemingly no way to make this work. I barely had time to eat and sleep. Long story short, he hounded me until I joined. Some how, some way, God provided. In fact, I actually had more free time and better quality time with my family after joining. To be sure, I learned that God is not limited by the hours in a day. The Godly life lessons taught through CLC were put to use immediately with my children through their grade school, high school and now college years. I found that I could talk to my kids with clarity regarding who they are in relation to God. Yes, my kids know I am quite imperfect but they also know that I love the Lord and that I have always clearly shared God's great love with them. I'm a practical guy. I like CLC because it is no-nonsense, bottom line material. You address practical life issues such as what it means to be a Christian dad, husband, boss, co-worker, friend. You learn how to actually study and interpret scripture and are given a packet of key bible verses that I have found to be inspiring. Most importantly, CLC is about accountability. There is nothing like meeting with a bunch of Christian guys each week as motivation for keeping your life in order. We have been there for each other during really tough times such as divorces and deaths and shared in good times. Probably, the most unexpected part of CLC for me has been how much we laugh during our weekly meetings. Let's face it, guys are guys, and we never really grow up. My advice to any guy who wants to grow in his Christian faith and knowledge is to join a CLC Group.

My name is J.J. and this is “My CLC Experience”

It was through CLC that I finally discovered how much God loves me. Not the usual lip service but a real heartfelt love. This happened in the first module and was the most important time for me in the CLC journey. The reality of God’s love for me broke through to me during the CLC journey. As the two years moved on I learned how to study the bible: about context, key words and phrases, mood, tense and a host of other things that I never thought about when reading scripture. I discovered that all men are dealing with sin issues. I thought others had it all together and I was shocked to hear that some men were struggling and dealing with some of the very same "stuff" that I wrestled with. I was not alone in my sin struggles and strength was found to stand against many of these issues! I discovered God through daily prayer time. Being comfortable in His presence is a new thing for me and spending time with Him every day has become a real joy.  Prayer moved from being a duty for me to a time I get to enjoy being with my Heavenly Father.  God makes it so. In CLC I also met some fantastic men and became close with them as a special bond formed between us. Several went through some very difficult times in the two years we were together and we were there to support each other through prayer and other activities. My mother pass away during that time and it was comforting to have the men surround me at that time. I learned how to memorize scripture. I am slow to learn and meditating is difficult for me at best. I learned all the CLC verses and just kept going after that.

My name is F.B. and this is “My CLC Experience”

I first heard about the CLC Groups at the church. Most of the men I had met were CLC Grads and they all encouraged me with words like, “You have to do it … You wont be sorry”. Danny Parker “chased” me for probably three years to get into a group. Over and over I said, “No! I don’t have time … I can’t commit to two years” … and on and on. My excuses and objections were many. In my mind was: two years, homework, 6:00 am every Monday morning … Well, September 2009 I stopped saying no and began my journey in a CLC group. I cannot put into words what God has done in my life as a result of that CLC group. The impact in my life, my wife and family has been very visible. Two years meeting every week with 11 men: growing deep in my faith, connecting with other brothers in a lifelong friendship, learning more about ourselves, learning how to love, gaining guidance and council concerning careers, finances, parenting, spreading the Word of the Bible … it has been an awesome step in my spiritual journal. I finally “got it”. The Spirit of God has transformed my heart. It is hard for me to tell you how proud I am to have been a member of such a wonderful group of guys. I've never been part of anything as rewarding and fulfilling. I will co-facilitate a CLC group that will kickoff this spring. When I mentioned that to my wife she said, "It's about time"! 

My name is M.S. and this is “My CLC Experience”

I have been asked to tell “My CLC Experience”. I am doing so gladly! But let me back up just a bit … I am my parent’s third and final child. I had a traditional Catholic upbringing:  church on Sundays, celebrating all holidays with our extended family, typical sibling arguments, and my parents instilled a strong sense of right and wrong in me and my older brother and sister. I had a typical school experience that included playing football which was my ticket to college. I attended Mercyhurst College, a Christian school in Erie, PA and pursued a degree in mathematics as well as a teaching certificate. Upon graduation in 1990 I earned a job teaching mathematics in the Pittsburgh Public School System and have had a productive career there for the past twenty-two years. ... read more ...

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